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Freedom is open

The scent of the sea, the sound of the wind, the taste of freedom: experience all this by stepping on board an Itama yacht.





15th July 2021
Take your seat
freedom, movement and total immersion

Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and prepare for a truly unique and original experience …

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

"Palcoscenico - a dizzying dance on Itama 75": a spectacular and groundbreaking performance on the water.


Graceful and sinuous dance moves, rocked by the waves, on board the iconic Itama 75. An extraordinary setting for a breakthrough initiative in the world of dance and yachting

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Discover the history of Itama and our timeless creations: open yachts of inimitable style, where elegance and performance combine to perfection in essential, minimalist lines and the trademark palette of white and blue.

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