A solid past, for a brilliant future.

In 1969 mario amati, founder and designer of itama, brought to life an idea he had cherished for years. he started to build a new generation of exceptional high performance motorboats with a timeless style. the name of the brand is simply his surname “amati” written backwards. thus began the story of this brand and the success of its instantly recognizable open yachts. a success that continues today together with Ferretti Group which acquired itama in 2004.

Production Par Excellence

Today, Itama yachts are built at the Ferretti Group facility in Forlì, where skilled local workers, supported by the Ferretti Group Engineering team, contribute with their know-how and expertise to create the famous blue and white open yachts. The brand’s flagship vessel, the Itama 75, is built at the facility in Mondolfo.



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